I can't find my name on ANYTHING...

Hi, my name is Chynna. And I can't find my name on ANYTHING.

I always get compliments on how my name is "So cool!" and "Unique!" But all you Brad, Jennifer, Sarah, Andy, Jacob, Bob, Mary, and [insert other common names here]'s have it easy. You can easily find your name on things.


Things I Have Never Had My Name On:

1. School Supplies

Do you know how uncool I was in school? In the early 2000's everyone had those pencils and rulers with their names on them that they just found at the store. Meanwhile, I had to hand write my name on everything like a dork...

Which is probably how I got the handwriting I have now. I had to perfect writing my name on things to make it look like it was professionally done. Which is why I write like I'm penning a Jane Austen novel all the time...

Actual notes Chynna took in college...
Actual notes Chynna took in college...


2. Christmas Ornaments

If I want a Christmas ornament with my name on it, I have to have it custom made, or do it my dang self.

True story: My grandma bought ornaments with our names on them for Christmas one year, and since she couldn't find my name (obviously) she just bought an ornament with my middle name on it and hand wrote "C." in front of it. Way to think on your toes grandma.


3. Coke Bottles

Again, I know you can order them with certain names and sayings on them...But there's just something special about just FINDING ONE at a store with your name on it. Just that serendipitous joy like "Hey! That's ME! Coke knows who I am! I'm important!"

Yeah, I don't get that feeling.


4. Vacation Keychains

You know those keychains you get when you go on vacation? You put them on your key ring and forget about them until one day you drop your keys and go to pick them up and you see your name on a picture of a sunset and are like "Oh, yeah...Myrtle Beach..."

If I want a vacation name memory I have to get one of those weird custom shirts or hats where they air brush your name on them in cursive, and at the time, you're like "This is so cool!" and then you get back home and are like "Actually, not as cool as I thought it would be..."


5. Jewelry and Lanyards

No necklaces with my name on it in cursive for me.

(But jokes on you, jewelry people: I have a bracelet with my name on it! Yeah, it's a medical ID bracelet I had to have custom made, but it's something!)


The coolest thing I ever got with my name on it was a custom glass piece for my bookcase with my name in glass in cursive on it. I almost cried. I was like "Look everyone! I'm important! This glass blower knows my name!" (Then it broke 5 years later and I was sad...but those were a good 5 years.)


So the moral of this story is: All you Tom, Dick, and Harry's out there don't take your 'common' name for granted. Treasure it, like a precious glass bookcase ornament that can easily be shoved off a shelf by your stupid cat and shatter like your dreams of ever having your name on something ever again.

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