It seems that digital and 3D television isn't enough to keep an audience. Nielsen Media Research is reporting that for first time in its 40 years of research, that the number of households with television has dropped. 

Nearly one million people are expected to ditch their sets, according to estimates by Nielsen. Only 114.7 million homes will have a TV next year compared to the 115.9 million that have them now.

And in a weird trip back to the time of disco, the number of households without any TVs is at 3%. That's the highest its been since 1975. And do you remember TV shows in the 70s? Battle of the Network stars, yes please. I would DVR every episode if they brought it back.

Nielsen says the drop could be attributed to a few things. Including the rise of video content available through a computer or other device. They also say the digital switch could have caused some people get rid of TV, rather than dealing with the upgrade.

There was one upward trend, in households with three or more televisions. People in that group account for 56% of TV ownership in the country. Cause who doesn't want to watch SportsCenter when you're answering nature's call.

(New York Post)