No, its not the Jesse and the Rippers reunion that you have been hoping for. John Stamos and Bob Saget have teamed up to make an instructional video for the internet. In the video, Stamos shows his trademark way of cuddling, with the help of his assistant Bob Saget.

The video, featured on CollegeHumor, was made to support Stamos's charity Project Cuddle. In a series of awkward, Stamos's shows the technique that has attracted such supermodels as Rebecca Romijn. Instructions for techniques like the Stamos Soother, the Stamos Scalper, and kisses from Bob Saget will have you thinking that Aunt Becky would have a huge problem with all of this.

At the very least, you won't be able to watch Full House the same way again. If you actually want to watch that show.

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