According to the CDC we've reached the 'epidemic' phase of this widespread flu.

If you'd like to view the CDC's full Influenze Report for the week, you can click here. (There is a LOT of information).

The flu has spread nationwide over 49 states (Hawaii is lucky). You can see the map of the geographic spread of the flu here.

In a recent press briefing, Dan Jernigan, the head of the CDC's flu division, said that "this is the first year that we've had the entire continental US be the same color on the map."

(That being said, I'd like to point out that the color for "widespread" changed from red to brown this past week. There's just something a little less panic inducing about a 'widespread brown' than a 'widespread red'. Thanks for the change-up CDC.)

Indiana is one of the states marked for high ILI (Influenze-like illness) activity. So stay up-to-date on your flu shots and stay hydrated!


And if you'd like to learn about why this years flu strain is so nasty compared to past years, read about it here.

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