There are so many things to see and do in the Evansville area that if you haven't already, you HAVE to experience at least once.

The Tri-State has a lot to offer its residents and guests alike. I'm talking about thing from historic restaurants to breathtaking views. That's why I have put together the Evansville Area's Ultimate Bucket List. These are things that everyone in the area should see at least once, or even a guide for out-of-towners to explore while they are visiting.

Now is as good of a time as ever to highlight these places as establishments are beginning to open after the COVID-19 crisis. People will want to go out and enjoy things that they couldn't under the Stay At Home Order. This list right here features plenty of places that you should hit up. I'll admit, there are a couple of things on this list that I have yet to do, but plan on experiencing as soon as possible. You will create memories that will last a lifetime with this Bucket List.

Get ready to start checking things off of the list!

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The Evansville Area Ultimate Bucket List

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