A few years ago when Nick and Courtney Duffy introduced The Duffy Shuffle to the tri-state, there weren't too many 'meals on wheels' in the streets. Over the years, things have definitely changed. The menu has morphed into the what you see today - mainly fried chicken tacos and stacks (fried chicken and toppings on top of waffle fries).  And since the food truck industry has burst onto the local scene, we have several more options when it comes to food truck fare.

The couple, who also own and operates Rock-a-Burger Food Truck, have decided to retire The Duffy Shuffle. Nick told me that they outgrew the truck and since the name doesn't reflect what they offer, those who aren't familiar with the truck are more likely to pass it by because of the obscurity.

But if you love the Shuffle's food, no worries... The Duffys are going to be introducing an ALL NEW food truck very soon - FireChicken (Powered by The Duffy Shuffle). The menu will be the same with the addition of grilled chicken and chicken sandwiches.

If you want to get an original Duffy Shuffle meal before it's gone, be sure to visit them today November 12th at Creekside Meadows @ Prairie & Chappell, from 4:30 - 7:30 or attend their farewell event - The Last Appearance by the Duffy Shuffle in Evansville on Friday, November 13, 2020 at Carson's Brewery from 6-9 PM.

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