The Darkness previewed their upcoming album with “Motorheart,” a punchline-laced love song to a robot. They also announced the record's track listing and new release date.

The dynamic tune opens with a distorted, Eastern-tinged guitar riff and settles into a vintage metal vibe on the verse, with frontman Justin Hawkins unraveling his signature falsetto. You can listen below.

“I never have to listen to ridiculous opinions / She never tries to make me into one of her minions / The touch of a button, a steely caress / You need a Phillips screwdriver to get her undressed,” he sings. “But she’s mine, all mine / She isn’t programmed to deceive me / Mine, all mine / And I kept the receipt, in case you don’t believe me / She will never leave me.”

The song, which concludes with a section of acoustic guitars and a lyrical guitar solo, arrives with a lyric video that briefly (and fittingly) features Hawkins doing the "robot" dance. “Motorheart” is the title track to the Darkness’ upcoming seventh album, now out Nov. 19 and following 2019’s Easter Is Cancelled.

“’Motorheart’ rocks harder than anything we’ve done before," Hawkins said in a statement. "It makes me happy and proud to crank it up and literally shake my Swiss chalet to its foundations. [Guitarist-producer] Dan [Hawkins] did an awesome job on the production, it’ll take your face off, but your skull will be grinning from meatus to meatus. Please, to enjoy.”

The band also recently announced a run of late 2021 U.K. shows, featuring support from Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris’ side project British Lion.

“The time has come, the walrus said … to put your fookin pants on your head and rock like Satan is eating your private parts with a pointy fork!” Hawkins said announcing the dates. “Yes, we, the Darkness, are the fuck back on tour, praise Satan’s better half. … Come and party with us like it’s the last orders at the last-chance saloon. Which it may well be, but I wouldn’t like to comment any further on that.”

The Darkness, 'Motorheart' Track Listing
1. "Welcome Tae Glasgae"
2. "It’s Love, Jim"
3. "Motorheart"
4. "The Power And The Glory Of Love"
5. "Jussy’s Girl"
6. "Sticky Situations"
7. "Nobody Can See Me Cry"
8. "Eastbound"
9. "Speed Of The Nite Time"
10. "You Don’t Have To Be Crazy About Me… But It Helps" (bonus deluxe track)
11. "It’s A Love Thang (You Wouldn’t Understand)" (bonus deluxe track)
12. "So Long" (bonus deluxe track)

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