I can't think of too many places that are more important to our community than the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville, so it's super exciting news to hear that they have opened back up just in time for summer break.

They officially opened their doors on Monday, June 15th, allowing enrollment for a summer program that will last until August 4th.

Of course, a reopening these days doesn't happen without some new procedures for everyone to follow, and the Boy & Girls Club is certainly no different. They have taken the steps necessary to stay compliant with CDC, state and local government, and local health department guidelines. What exactly does that mean though. Here's what staff and kiddos should expect.

  • Limited openings at both units- 80 main unit / 20 Fulton unit.
  • A staff to member ratio of 1:10 will be maintained.
  • Prior to being admitted into building temperatures will be checked. If any temperature is above 99.9” member won’t be allowed in.
  • Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 11AM-4PM. Members must arrive by 11:45AM. If a member leaves prior to 4PM they will not be permitted back until the following day.
  • Front doors will remain locked. No non-essential visitors.
  • Activities will run in 45-minute intervals, allowing for 15 minutes of sanitizing hourly before moving to the next activity area.
  • All staff and members will be expected to practice social distancing.
  • Masks are optional and will be provided by Club. Masks from home are not allowed.
  • Only required medication is able to be brought into Club, no other items.

Spend a few minutes looking around bgclubevv.org to see the full list of guidelines as well as more information about the club and the programs they offer.

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