Previously, in this space, I believe I've mentioned my fascination with ghost ships. I'm not talking about ships on which actual ghosts roam--although that would be super cool and not terribly surprising. I'm talking about abandoned ships or boats that are left drifting on rivers, lakes, or the ocean.

I've always wondered what it would be like to come upon one. I'd imagine the first thing you'd do would be to contact the Coast Guard; it probably wouldn't be advisable to board an empty vessel.

But that's not a concern in Louisville KY, a city that's grown increasingly in love with Halloween over the years. Derby City usually features a NUMBER of fun Halloween activities...some of which are not just fun but incredibly scary. As it should be.


The city certainly didn't want to leave its iconic Belle of Louisville out of the picture, so now you can enjoy a "Ghost Cruise" aboard one of Kentucky's favorite attractions.

That is so cool. First of all, they had me at "time loop." Second of all, I'm glad to see there are two separate events--one for the kiddos and one for the grown-ups.

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My parents were not creatures of habit, but they did seem to make a HABIT out of boarding the beautiful Belle of Louisville as often as possible. It may well have been their favorite thing to do away from us kids. I love the Belle of Louisville; what a tradition.


According to WLKY-Louisville, guests are encouraged--though not required--to where Halloween costumes and/or period attire. I don't think that's too much to ask to take a cruise during which you will be looking for ghosts. Several years ago, SYFY's Ghost Hunters took a look around the Belle:

So if you're ready for a fun night of scares this Halloween season, the Belle of Louisville is "belle"-owing.

Or is that Captain Winters? Hmm...

IL Woman Shocked When Ghost Appears In Pics of Her Kids

As you are aware, I love everything paranormal. Lately, I have been drawn to stories and photos of spirits and ghosts more than ever before. I have even interviewed some paranormal ghost hunters and found it fascinating. I don't have all of the answers, but I love exploring the possibilities.

Seeing things in pictures, once you really look at them, is not uncommon. It really happens more than you think. It’s happened to me. Are there spirits who some see and some don’t? Are they real ghosts or just a smudge on the lease of the camera? Are the light beams and floating specs just traces of dust and perfectly lit angles?

The thing is, we don’t really know. Those who weren’t there might try to figure out what the image really is to disprove the fact that it might be a spirit. While others will share a similar experience. The seem and unseen merge together to form an opinion, a believable explanation. But the truth is, even though we might not be able to see angels, spirits, or ghosts, some of us have faith that they do exist, others do not, But, when they show up in a picture, unexpected, it’s pretty awesome no matter how you feel about it. You are either filled with excitement or trying your best to figure it out. Either way, pretty cool.

I came across these photos on the Haunted Illinois Facebook group. I was fascinated with them and reached out to the mother who took the photos and asked her if I could share them with you. Like I always say, you can decide for yourself whether or not you see a ghost in the photos. But, after hearing the mom’s story surrounding the photos, I believe a ghost of a child is exactly what we see.

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