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If you are trying to think about what to get your kids this year for Christmas, I think I may have found something that even you might enjoy just as much as them.

Do you remember when we were kids making forts at home? You'd use up all of the chairs and sheets in the house just to make the coolest fort to camp out in the living room or your bedroom. It was a blast! What kid didn't enjoy doing that?!

Now, I will admit that when it came to tearing it down, I wasn't a fan of that part. Let's be honest, it was a lot of work to put up and take down, but it was worth it! Kids today have it much easier because they can have a fort built for them with little to no effort.

There's a product on Amazon called the AirFort. This thing inflates in less than 30 seconds with the switch of an ordinary household fan. Here's the cool thing, when inflated, the AirFort can fit several kids, adults, and even toys and games to have a blast in. The AirFort offers an easy entrance and exit, viewing window for kids to see in and out, and mesh divider preventing kid's access to fan. When you're ready to take the fort down, simply turn the fan off, fold it up and put it into its carrying bag.

AirFort via Amazon
AirFort via Amazon

Even as an adult, I would want to have one of these things to relive some of the glory days of my childhood. With this year being as crazy as it has been, everyone has been spending more time at home. You have been trying to find ways to keep your kids entertained at home, and this might be one more way to do just that. I mean who knows how long this craziness will last, so you might as well look into something like this for your kiddos.

The AirFort comes in several different colors. Check them out below and be sure to click on the links to find out how to order one for your kids...or yourself.

Check out these AirForts. Perfect gift for your kids this Chrsitmas

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