Here are some rock musicians who've defended and praised Taylor Swift.

The pop artist is undeniably one of the most popular people on the planet — and not just in music. Today (April 19), she released her 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department, so the whole world is talking about her right now even more than they usually do.

Swift's fanbase, affectionately known as "Swifties," is made up of some of the most loyal (and scary) Stans in music history. One negative comment on the internet about the artist, and you're sure to summon swarms of them.

But it's not just Swifties who defend the entertainer — rock musicians do it, too.

Some of those defenses came a few years ago after the rock singer Damon Albarn tried to take Swift down a peg by downplaying her songwriting contributions in an interview. ("She doesn't write her own songs," he flatly told the Los Angeles Times in January of 2022. Several rock musicians jumped up to correct him.)

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But that's not the only time. Plenty of other performers in rock music have gushed about Swift on occasions unrelated to that beef.

Scroll down below to see how these rock musicians defended Swift. Their reasons run the gamut. Would you go to bat for Swift?

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