I posted on Facebook a request asking every professional tattoo artist in the area to send me some info about themselves, along with four samples of their work. Next up is Scotty Tedrow at Empire Tattoo Parlor 2107 W. Lloyd Expy, Their phone # is (812) 550-1301

Scotty Says:

I chose to be a tattoo artist because I cannot live without creating art. It seemed clear to me that making my art onto living, breathing people was the ultimate art-form--the human canvas. However, what surprised me was that my favorite part of what I do are the connections I make with the people I meet, especially everyone that exclusively come to me and act as my support team. The fact that I get to create a change in people with my art in such an important and lasting way thrills me. I've made it my life and I truly love every single second of it. I don't exactly 'specialize' with my work, it's always been super important to me to be able to do anything a client could ask for in lots of different styles--but my favorites are tattoos that really just look like a piece of art. I most enjoy making tattoos that resemble art-forms from other mediums and techniques like: watercolor, pointillism, acrylic/oil painting, pen & ink, chalk, charcoal, I've even done colored pencil tattoos--anything that lets me get creative.

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