A long-time Canadian tattoo artist, Nathalie Jean has been creating paper doll crafts to share on social media amid the coronavirus pandemic as a way to help her friends pass the time in quarantine saying, "I thought it would be something to distract people and something fun to share with everyone."

After her work started to go viral on social media, Nathalie received an outpouring of support from people all over the world who were sending her their completed, colored and assembled dolls. Like a lot of people across the world, her career has been placed on hold with all of the shutdowns, quarantines and changes in guidelines to public health. Finding herself with the free time and the unexpected interest in her paper doll coloring pages, Nathalie has decided to continue with the project and has since created a 30-page book full of some of her favorite personalities and pop-culture characters. In hopes of bringing the paper doll coloring book to fruition, Nathalie has established a fundraiser via popular crowd-sourcing website, INDIEGOGO to help her raise the necessary funds to have the book printed and bound.

Ronnie James Dio - Paper Doll Coloring Crafts For Adult Children
Nathalie Jean via Indiegogo.com

So what kinds of characters and personalities are you going to see in Nathalie's paper doll coloring book? As she calls them, "Not Mainstream. An unofficial hommage to eclectic taste." Most easily recognizable for most, David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Ronnie James Dio, Klaus Nomi, Freddy Mercury, David Lee Roth, PeeWee Herman, Elvira, Frankenstein's Monster and more. As of the time of this writing, she has raised $1,219 of her flexible goal of $2,844 and there are still 29 days left in the crowdsourcing fundraiser. For a $32 contribution you can get a copy of the coloring book shipped right to your door any where in the world. $50 will get you 2 books and for a $71 donation to the funding, you'll get 2 books along with a sticker and a limited art poster selected by Nathalie. If you've got a little more money yet to spend, $320 gets you everything listed above - 2 books, a sticker and an art print of the artist's choosing PLUS she will create a custom paper doll file and send to you.

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