Star Trek

'Star Trek: Discovery' Renewed for Season 2
You didn’t think CBS would be so quick to dismiss its All-Access jewel, did you? No, the U.S.S. Discovery will continue its mission in the years before Kirk and Spock, as CBS officially confirms Star Trek: Discovery will return for Season 2.
'Star Trek: Discovery' May Use Majel Barrett's Voice
There’s no one measure of Majel Barrett’s contribution to Star Trek, whether Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi or the omnipresence of computer voices in later seasons, but Star Trek: Discovery may pay more tribute to Barrett than its “Number One” lead. According to reports, Barr…
'Star Trek: Discovery' Ship Design Changes Revealed
Shortly after Comic-Con 2016 gave us our first look at the title ship of Star Trek: Discovery, creator Bryan Fuller pointed out the vessel’s preliminary design, tacitly acknowledging its Ralph McQuarrie influence as well. Now, Fuller offers a few updates on the Discovery’s look, includ…
William Shatner Open for 'Star Trek: Discovery' Cameo
It’s been some time since William Shatner took part in any Star Trek revival, and with the movie franchise folding in on its own mythology, it might make sense of CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery to return the most famous Enterprise captain. Shatner is open to an appearance on the new series,…

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