Anybody who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of the Star Trek franchise, and it just so happens that the original captain of the Enterprise was not too far away from where I was during the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse. William Shatner recently spoke about his experience in one Indiana city with CBS NewsHe shared his personal thoughts on the celestial event, calling the experience "overwhelming."

According to Visit Bloomington, the 93-year-old actor was in town for a screening and Q&A session for a new documentary titled You Can Call Me BillThe new film showcases the personal life of Shatner and his nine-decade career. The original Captain Kirk was also joined by the film's director, Alexandre O. Philippe.

The Star Trek alum spoke about how the Bloomington forecast was filled with rain but cleared up during the apex of the eclipse. He told CBS News that the day was full of a "large group of miracles." Personally, I'd have to agree. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical of just how magnificant a total eclipse would be, but after watching it on a beautiful day in downtown Evansville, I understood the hype.

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Something I think is worth noting is how excited Shatner seemed about the eclipse. I think it's pretty cool that someone who is pushing 100 years old can still experience new things. Additionally, I'm glad the actor had a more positive experience with this space-related event than his last one. When Shatner was launched into space in 2021, he told the Washington Post that the experience "felt like a funeral." How did you feel after watching the eclipse?

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