Evansville Continues Efforts to Combat Meth
From the office of Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
The mayor's "No Meth Task Force" has launched a new public service campaign as part of a community-wide effort to reduce meth labs and prevent substance abuse.
Indiana Meth Houses Could Soon Be Public Record
Meth houses busted in Indiana could become public record.
According to a report by the Associated Press, Hoosier lawmakers are currently working on passing a bill that would make it mandatory for dwellings used to manufacture methamphetamine to be documented on a state resource website.
Learn More About Meth During This Informative Seminar
Mayor Winnecke’s No Meth Task Force will host a special presentation by the Indiana State Police and Evansville/Vanderburgh County Drug Task Force Meth Suppression Unit to raise awareness about the continuing problem of methamphetamine and to solicit support for proposed legislation …
2 Companies Working On Anti-Meth Decongestants
In 2011, Vanderburgh county once again claimed the #1 spot for most meth labs in Indiana. Its a big problem for most of the Tri-state. But there could be relief on the way, thanks to changes in how the key ingredient in meth is made.
‘Breaking Bad’ As An Old School Nintendo Game
Breaking Bad is an immensely popular show on AMC.  Full disclosure, I've actually never seen it.  I have heard it's "must see" and stuff so I will have to get caught up eventually.  They are into their fourth season and this hypothetical game, that I would …
The Toxicity of the City!
Evansville has a huge problem. One that’s been identified by everyone from the residents of the community to the new mayor and police chief.   Meth is that problem.     Methamphetamine, a hugely powerful home made stimulant that has seriously dangerous s…

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