Meth houses busted in Indiana could become public record.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Hoosier lawmakers are currently working on passing a bill that would make it mandatory for dwellings used to manufacture methamphetamine to be documented on a state resource website.

On Monday, the state Senate Civil Law Committee will hear testimony on this proposed legislation. In addition, the bill serves to make the whistleblower website the responsibility of the Indiana State Police rather than leaving it in the hands of its current administrators, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

However, unlike in the case of a registered sex offenders, a Meth House has the ability to be removed from the record once it is officially confirmed a clean and inhabitable residence.

Indiana State Police reported 1,800 meth labs across the state in 2013, with Evansville leading the ranks of the Hoosier speed freaks – 115 lab seizures. Even dismantled meth labs poses a public health threat, according to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The bill was passed unanimously before the Indiana House. It must now secure the approval of the full Senate and governor before it can become a law.

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