Life Hacks

Rock, Paper, Scissors Hack
There seems to be a hack of some sort for everything in your life, even the fun childhood game of rock, paper, scissors. Here’s a tip on how to win the first hand/round next time you play…kinda sorta.
Bobby's Life Hack Test
Learning to tie your shoes is one of those big milestones that we all celebrate as a kid. If you think about it, the traditional way of tying you shoe can be a bit complicated – there are lots of moves involved. If only there was a quicker and easier way to do it. That’s where the internet comes in.
5 Life Hacks to Make Your Day Easier
"Life Hacks" are things you own that you didn't realize you could use to make your life even easier. They usually tend to blow your mind as well (As in, "HOW HAVE I GONE MY ENTIRE LIFE NOT KNOWING THIS??")