Having the right tool or equipment for the job is so important, whether you are working on a project in your garage, doing some repairs around the house, or spending time in nature on a camping trip.

Everyone Needs an Extension Cord

Any tool/equipment starter kit needs to include a handful of essentials, right? You gotta have a couple of screwdrivers (flat and Phillips), you gotta have a hammer, some sort of blade, and don't forget to throw in some pliers. One more important item that every garage, home, and camper needs is an extension cord. You'll quickly realize how important they are once you start to use electric equipment because none of those cords are ever long enough.

These Aren't the Cords You're Looking For...

It's a pretty crappy feeling to need a certain tool and not have it - what's even worse is not having it because someone stole it. Unfortunately, people still steal stuff, and you can't just rely on their moral compass pointing in the right direction. Sometimes you have to get creative when it comes to protecting your stuff. I like to think of this clever dad hack as kind of a Jedi mind trick. Make the would-be thieves think "This is not the cord I'm looking for. Let's move along."

Brad Edds posted this gem on Facebook and I had to pass it along to you. A son shares this super-smart and super-simple trick that he learned from his dad...

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I imagine that this tactic is probably effective with just about any item you don't want to be stolen - make that thing look defective or at least really unattractive.

And I'll leave with this final thought...if you make a habit of stealing other people's stuff - freakin' stop it.

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