Led Zeppelin Faces Lawsuit
In light of recent promotions for re-issues of the first three Led Zeppelin albums, a lawyer representing a deceased guitarist known as Randy California has made it known that his mission is to prevent any re-issue of Zeppelin's fourth album, containing one of the most iconic rock n roll tracks…
Couple Sues Over Trick Question On A Game Show
Sometimes I get heat for picking one Fourgasm answer over another because a word was left out or an answer was similar but not the exact one. However the prize for that is usually CDs, tickets, free food, etc... nothing like the $580,000 a couple lost due to the wording of a question.
Chris Daughtry Sued By Former Bandmates
Its been a long time since Chris Daughtry rocked the GBF airwaves, and an even longer time since he left his original band Absent Element to appear on Rockstar: INXS and American Idol. Now members of that band claim he owes them money.
I’m Not Saying ‘Wow’ This Time, Vince
Well it seems that our favorite late-night TV pitchman is in trouble again. Just two years ago, Ol' Vince was busted after knocking around a prostitute in a hotel room. And now, his behavior has taken an even creepier turn.