Its been a long time since Chris Daughtry rocked the GBF airwaves, and an even longer time since he left his original band Absent Element to appear on Rockstar: INXS and American Idol. Now members of that band claim he owes them money.

Daughtry would eventually become one of the finalists on American Idol, and after his dismissal from the show he released a solo album. 'Breakdown' was the first release off that album, and that is where the trouble begins.

Daughtry says that version of 'Breakdown' was a combination of the songs he wrote while part of Absent Element titled 'Conviction' and 'Breakdown'. However his former bandmates claimed they helped him write those songs and are entitled to a portion of royalties earned.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Absent Element guitarist Mark Perry, bassist Ryan Andrews and drummer Scott Crawford claim that Daughtry took part in “constructive fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practices, and other deceptive and wrongful conduct” in a lawsuit filed last week.

Daughtry released a statement on his website saying that he was hurt by the accusations and that all songs were "written solely" by himself.  He also stated that he had no further comment at the time.

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