Best Selling Advent Calendars
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I remember feeling like I won the lottery if I came across a Hershey's Kiss in my advent calendar but man, oh man, have advent calendars come a long way since I was a kid!
How About Decorating Your XXX-Mas Tree With Pornaments?
Christmas is a special time of year, especially if you are cool enough to put up a XXX-mas tree, decorated with this extremely Hustler-esque collection of holiday ornaments from those filthy bastards at the Dirty Flirty Novelty Company.
Unfortunately, my editors will only permit me to show you some o…
Your Week in Awesome Gifs – Holidays, Finals, and More
It's that time of the week for the best gifs of the week! Here's your week in awesome gifs for that awesome week of yours, well, awesome for some people. If you're a student right now, this week is filled with some soul-crushing studying. But if you're not a student, this week is…
Tonight Is Festivus
If you're not a huge fan of the the pressure and commercialization of the holidays, then today is truly the the holiday for you. Or as Frank Costanza would say 'A Festivus for the rest of us!'.