Imagine a country where delicious food can be ready to eat down the street from your house. You would be free from people screaming orders at a box. You would no longer be held hostage in line behind the person who thinks it's adorable that their toddler took 20 minutes to place their order "all by themselves". This is a country I want to live in.

"Latino's for Trump" founder, Marco Gutierrez, severely underestimated our country's love for tacos. While making an appearance on MSNBC the other night, Gutierrez said that without stemming illegal immigration America could be overrun by "a taco truck on every corner".

I'm having a hard time trying to find any problems with this scenario. I think tacos are delicious and I don't think I'm alone. In the country that created the 4th Meal and the Doritos Loco Taco (the taco shell is literally a giant Dorito), it seems like the internet had no problem with this delicious armageddon.

What is there not to love? Delicious tacos available in walking distance from my home served by entrepenurial hardworking people? Sign me up. Lets up the ante even more and ask for a truck that serves margaritas to be parked nearby. At least I can begin to ignore the creepy panel vans with sketchy individuals that cruise my subvision to sell overpriced popsicles to kids (is there a Law & Order: SVU episode like this).

Perhaps the new American dream is a taco truck on every corner and a margarita in every hand. That is one dream I can handle!