There are few things in the world that are more delightful then a big order of potato ole's with some nacho cheese sauce.  Thankfully we don't have to say goodbye just yet to the West-Mex favorite.

Taco Johns has two locations in Evansville, one on Washington Avenue, and one on St. Joe.  The St. Joe location about broke my potato ole' loving heart, when one of my husbands friends texted him a photo of it being torn down (thanks Luke)! Luckily Evansville 411 came through with some good news, this isn't goodbye, it's "see ya later."

In a post from Evansville 411 today they said Taco Johns isn't closing, it's just undergoing a transformation.  The old building has been torn down, but the plan is to rebuild a new Taco Johns.  Here's what the post from Evansville 411 said:

Did you miss us? We are back with Evansville Development news!
#EvansvilleDevelopment: Taco John’s on Evansville’s west side has been torn down at 604 N St Joseph Ave. According to the Evansville Area Plan Commission, the building is simply being replaced. No word on timeline yet.
So there's no word yet on when the new Taco Johns will be up and running, but I am happy to hear they aren't closing down for good (and what a dramatic exit that would have been, goodbye with a full on demolition).  As soon as we hear when the new Taco Johns will be open we'll let you know. In the mean time follow Evansville 411 to stay up to date on developments in the Evansville area.

Did you miss us? We are back with Evansville Development news!

#EvansvilleDevelopment: Taco John’s on Evansville’s...

Posted by Evansville 411 News on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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