Sure its a cliche New Years resolution, but I'm going to attempt to quit all tobacco products. 

This is probably my 8th attempt to quit, but this time I have to. I started smoking at the age of 17 and means this March I will have smoked for an entire decade.

Most recently I picked up the habit of dipping, blame it on my West side roots. So the thought of having stained teeth and smelly clothing suddenly became less appealing to me (and it didn't impress the lady folk either).

So now I'm on day 2 of my resolution. Right now I would suggest buying stock in the companies that make Orbitz, Wrigley, and Stride chewing gum. Due to the fact that I was a heavy menthol smoker, I feel that gum is a good way to replace my cravings.

And that's something I never thought I would get. However I'm seeing the effects of tobacco addiction first hand.

Previously I went 9 months without a cigarette. Hopefully I can quit for good this time. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

In the meantime if you have any suggestions for help quitting, leave them below. I'm open to anything and everything.