Uh oh, looks like System of a Down’s new album isn’t coming along like we had hoped. In a new Q&A with fans, bassist Shavo Odadjian said, “I’m waiting for a new album, too. It’s not happening.”

Drummer John Dolmayan has publicly stated how “disheartening” it’s been trying to get a new album from SOAD. Though the band has been putting together tracks that Dolmayan believes “match or beat anything we’ve done in the past,” he’s remained frustrated by the lack of progress. ““If I had my way we would have put out five albums in the last 12 years,” Dolmayan said. “And I think we’re really doing a disservice to ourselves cause you only have a finite amount of time, you know?”

On July 2, Odadjian took part in a video Q&A session with fans, answering their questions as soon as they popped up. Of course, a new album question quickly manifested and Shavo delivered a response. “I’m waiting for a new album, too. It’s not happening, I don’t know,” the bassist replied. “I don’t know when it’s gonna be. Not right now.”

It’s been 12 years since System of a Down released the companion albums Mesmerize and Hypnotize, which both hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. System are finishing up their current tour dates with a gig in Moscow tonight (July 5). With no more shows announced for 2017, here's hoping System will head back to the studio to continue working on their long-awaited new album.

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