With System of a Down’s recent release of new music for the first time in 15 years, we decided to look back at the band’s most entertaining interviews. Watch as the band either takes the high road or verbally bests their inquisitors.

System of a Down never seemed to get along with Fuse host Mistress Juliya, sparring with her on at least two occasions. The Uranium host often attempted to probe too far into the meanings of SOAD’s songs (a mistake we’ve certainly made in the past) leading to both hilarious and uncomfortable verbal jousting between herself and the band.

“If anyone’s looking for us, or at us, for answers, then they’re in more trouble than when they started,” guitarist / vocalist Daron Malakian said. “Most of the songs are, personally, about how screwed up I am, lyrically, in some ways. Has nothing to do with answers.” That’s one of Malakian’s more direct answers from the interview, where he often responded to questions with a thousand-yard stare and the word “fellatio.”

In another interview, bassist Shavo Odadjian was asked if the members of System would ever self-censor their criticism of various governments, including the Bush administration. “Self censorship? Never self censorship,” he said. “I’m telling you everything I feel right now. I could be political and say the nice things and make you think that I’m different, but I’m telling you the truth. I would never self-censor and I hope no one else in my band would either.”

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