This amazing drone footage captures neighborhoods and so much more! Chris Conley with 270 Drones Aerial Imagery is bringing us some Christmas cheer this year.

270 Drones Arial Imagery
270 Drones Arial Imagery

Get ready for the holiday season with some killer aerial shots by my friend Chris Conley. He captures Christmas light displays in a beautiful way. 270 Drones Aerial Imagery is a commercial drone and aerial imagery serving Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We always like to see his posts on social media because we know that they'll be really cool photos and videos. It will be fun to see where the drone will fly overhead next. Maybe it will capture Santa flying from the Northpole with his reindeer. No pressure Chris, but it would be pretty amazing to witness. Especially, Rudolph's red nose shining brightly in the nighttime sky.

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I asked Chris where he plans to fly over next to share those dazzling displays, "I should be flying Panther Creek next. Possibly as soon as tomorrow night. I love flying these lights. Makes people happy to watch the videos. We need more of that." Because of my time spent at Christmas Wish, I don't have much extra time to tour neighborhood lights, so this makes me happy to see!

After we share some incredible photos, check out the drone aerial footage from Christmas displays all over town. You'll be amazed! #beautiful

Dazzling Aerial Photos of Owensboro in Western KY

This amazing drone footage captures a bird's-eye view of the best Christmas light displays in Owensboro neighborhoods and so much more! Chris Conley with 270 Drones Aerial Imagery is bringing us some Christmas cheer.

Now, sit back with your hot cocoa, gather the family, and push play!

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