Immigration reform, and whether or not we need more or less, has been an ongoing discussion for the past several years here in the United States. And the battle over a border wall has kept the discussion front and center in the headlines.

The folks at have compiled a study that examines the ethnic and cultural diversity in cities across the country. They compared more than 500 of the largest U.S. cities across three key metrics: ethnoracial diversity, linguistic diversity and birthplace diversity.

The results for Evansville are less than encouraging. Out of the 500+ cities that were studied, Evansville ranked 422nd overall...and ranked 137th among cities considered to be midsize. Here's how we scored in each category.

  • Ethnoracial Diversity = 368th
  • Linguistic Diversity = 475th
  • Birthplace Diversity = 412th

Please feel free to read the full report from WalletHub if you'd like to know more about our scores. And you can how the rest of the country did below.

Source: WalletHub


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