A tattoo can often say a lot about a person, and it's not really too much of a surprise that hardcore fans of bands will pay homage to the music they love through the permanent display of a tattoo. Thanks to a new study from Lickd we now know which acts have turned up the most in tattoos on the social networking site Instagram, and hard rock and metal acts dominate the list.

So who are the most inked act according to Instagram user posts? That would be the legendary rock band Pink Floyd, who show up in 27,329 Instagram tattoo posts with the #pinkfloydtattoo hashtag. Those who know the band shouldn't find this too surprising given the group's often iconic album artwork over the years which you would proudly display on your skin. The Dark Side of the Moon album cover happens to be one of the most frequently tattooed art pieces for fans.

Queen came in second on the list with a reported 25,236 tattoo posts. Not only does the band have one of the most iconic frontmen in the history of rock in Freddie Mercury, but some of their album art and videos are also quite popular with the tattoo crowd.

As far as modern bands, Slipknot rank the highest, coming in third with 21,887 tattoo posts on Instagram. The group's theatrical masks and jumpsuit help to provide those with tattoos with an instantly memorable and recognizable piece of body art.

The remainder of the Top 20 is also heavily rock and metal dominated. David Bowie (No. 4, 20,431), Linkin Park (No. 5, 18,441), Iron Maiden (No. 6, 16,969), Tupac Shakur (No. 7, 16,489), Nirvana (No. 8, 16,039), Rihanna (No. 9, 15,516) and Red Hot Chili Peppers (No. 10, 15,310) round out the Top 10.

Other rock and metal acts in the Top 20 include Marilyn Manson (No. 11, 14,055), Metallica (No. 12, 13,945), Black Sabbath (No. 15, 12,461), Led Zeppelin (No. 17, 11,596) and Avenged Sevenfold (No. 20, 9,056).

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