With a band name like "Ninja Sex Party", you know it's going to be funny.

Story time: I'm a big fan of Game Grumps. They're Let's Players on Youtube that have some sweet improv skills, so everytime you watch them play a video game, you know you're going to leave with giggles.

And Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler, from Stranger Things) is a huge fan as well! He even did an episode with them. Or two...

But that's not all the Game Grumps do. Dan (AKA: "Not So Grump", AKA: Danny Sexbang) is in a comedy rock band called Ninja Sex Party (sweet name, right?). And they recently released a new music video featuring Finn as a young Danny Sexbang.

And while NSP tend to stick with awesome rock covers and songs about dick jokes, "Danny Don't You Know" is a surprisingly meaningful song about growing up, while still being funny.

*Note: While the video itself isn't NSFW, they do say 'f**k' a lot in the song for emphasis....So you might want to put your headphones on to enjoy this.

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