Well it may be time to consult that terrible Brendan Fraser trilogy (and don't pretend it was good). A statue from a mummy's tomb is turning itself around in a British Museum.

The 4000 year old statue in Britain’s Manchester Museum, has been making a 180 degree turn on its own. There is even a time lapse video of the statue making the turn (see below).  The statue has spent the last 80 years in the museum without any movement.

Museum curator, Campbell Price, said that he noticed the statue was turned around one day and reset it. The next day the statue was turned around again.

Don't pay attention to the fact that the statue probably has an uneven base, and by my observation the museum has a wooden floor. My experience with growing up in a 100+ year old house says that wooden floors can get uneven and can "bounce" when walked upon. That may cause the statue to wobble and spin around on its glass shelf.

However my theory is a real buzz kill. So, lets stick with the idea that the statue is possessed by an ancient pharaoh and it would be wise to not anger it. That will help us all sleep at night.