I'm missing live music something fierce! Until we can enjoy in-person concerts again, livestreams are doing a great job and filling that live music void I've been feeling this past year. Staind has a HUGE livestream event coming up that you won't want to miss.

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Staind is not just hosting one special livestream event, they're hosting TWO.  First up on May 1st is Staind Live: It's Been a While live from Foxwoods, and then a week later on May 8th it's the 20th anniversary performance of Break the Cycle where they'll be playing Break the Cycle in it's entirety!

You can sign up inside the free 103 GBF mobile app, for your chance to win your own live stream code so you don't miss out on this event. If you want to purchase your own livestream code, or purchase merch for the event, you can check all that out, here.

Sign up for your chance to win below: Important to note, winners will be contacted via EMAIL that way we can send you the livestream code direct to your inbox! So make sure to check your email.

Break the Cycle dropped on May 8th 2001 this year marks 20 years since the band's third album dropped.  This album is arguably the one that threw them into the limelight, and helped them break into the mainstream.  The tracklisting (that you'll hear live May 8th) is as follows:

    • Open Your Eyes
    • Pressure
    • Fade
    • It's Been Awhile
    • Change
    • Can't Believe
    • Epiphany
    • Suffer
    • Warm Safe Place
    • For You
    • Outside
    • Waste
    • Take It


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