Each year during our St. Jude Radiothon, we heavily promote the fact that St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is important for children and families all over the country. The research, medications, and protocols they develop at St. Jude are shared freely with hospitals everywhere - that means kids in your community can still benefit from St. Jude. Despite that fact, a hurdle we still need to get over is thinking of St. Jude as just "some hospital in Memphis." I figure if our words don't convince you, maybe hearing from a local St. Jude family will have more of an impact.

During last year's St. Jude Radiothon, Tiffany Nossett called in to share the story of her son. Gage was just five years old when he was diagnosed with cancer, which led the family to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - that was back in 2014. Gage had a very rare, and especially difficult form of cancer, and the family was initially told there was nothing they could do - that's until they talked to St. Jude.

Despite St. Jude's best efforts, sweet Gage eventually lost his battle, but thanks to those treatments, he was given more time with his family - and because of their research, his death would not be in vain. Gage's family donated his tumor to St. Jude so they could continue searching for a cure, so the next family might not lose their child.

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I could tell you more about their story, but you don't want to hear it from me, I couldn't begin to do it justice. I'll let Gage's mom, Tiffany, tell the story - she was gracious enough to tell us all about her little boy and their experience with St. Jude.

Gage's Mom, Tiffany Nossett, Tells His St. Jude Story

I placed my hand on my son's heart and felt it stop beating. I told him before 'when you see Jesus you let go of mom and run to him...he will now forever protect you.'

To become a St. Jude Partner In Hope, call 1-800-372-4999 or text the word 'JUDE' to 6-2-6-2-6-2 and our volunteers will walk through everything you need to know. Becoming a St. Jude Partner In Hope is easy - it's just $19 per month for 12 months on a credit/debit card.

Meet One of Our St. Jude Angels - Gage Besing

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