Why was the rainbow fur llama loaded into the ambulance?  This isn't a bizarre riddle, it was spotted this weekend in Evansville! 

Portrait of a Llama looking into the camera
Getty Images/iStockphoto

So it turns out a llama with rainbow fur was spotted being loaded into an ambulance. After doing a little research, while it's definitely a peculiar sight the reason why isn't that weird.

The llama was from Lil Rexings' Pony Express L.L.C, they host birthday parties and can bring a llama or a pony to your event! They're located in Evansville, and the ambulance is just the vesicle they use to transport the animals.

We're glad to hear the llama is doing just fine, and put on quite the spectacle not just for the party it was attending, but the neighborhood as well haha!


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