Let's be honest, sometimes the "beep beep" just doesn't get the job done. Here are a few sounds that will definitely get your butt up in the morning.

Chynna Hall
Chynna Hall

We've all had those mornings where you just don't want to get up. Or can't. Maybe you stayed up to late, or had trouble going to sleep. Maybe your neighbors were being super loud. AGAIN. Whatever the reason, sometimes your alarm clock is less of a "HEY! GET UP!" noise and more of a "background noise to this dream I'm having" noise that you just sleep through.


Sometimes I have to switch it up. Sometimes I use my phone as my alarm clock and instead of using the 'beep beep' noises, I make my alarm tone to be a really loud and abruptly starting song. A song that wakes you up immediately when it starts. 


But the other day I realized that there are some sounds that can not only wake you up, but also make you jump out of bed like your ass is on fire.


So, I took to Facebook and asked my friends what sounds wake you up better than an alarm clock? The results did not disappoint. Here are some of my favorite answers:


-DVD menu songs that are on repeat that play after you fall asleep watching a movie.


-Opening credits to shows. (Ex: Murder She Wrote, Law & Order, CSI: Miami)


-Your neighbors doing something.
-Doing something in their garage at an ungodly early hour.
-Revving up a motorcycle (again, at a really not cool hour)
-Throwing up after a hard night of partying. (If you live in an apartment complex with thin walls, you know this sound all too well.)
-accidentally setting their car alarm off.


-Silence. Some people go to sleep listening to white noise, or just the typical noises in your apartment/house (air conditioner, refrigerator humming). When those noises all stop (like when the power goes out) you know and you wake up because it's quiet...TOO quiet...


-Your cat doing something to you. Crying because it's hungry. Bopping you on the nose because it's hungry. Nudging you with its head because it's hungry. Licking your hand because it's hungry. *enter a million more examples here that include your cat trying to wake you up in ridiculous ways because it thinks it's starving*


The #1 answer that I kept getting from people?


A pet about to throw up.


That is a sound that immediately gets you up in a panic. Not because we're concerned for our sick pet, but because WHAT IF THEY ARE ABOUT TO THROW UP ON SOMETHING IMPORTANT?? Which is usually the case. They're always dry heaving over shoes, important documents, or (this actually happened to me the other day) your head.


So if you REALLY want to wake up in the morning set your alarm on your phone to sounds of a pet about to vomit. You'll wake up in a panic every morning but, hey, at least you're up.

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