Some mornings the coffee just isn't cutting it. You still feel groggy and tired. That's where music comes in to wake you up better than coffee ever could.


Personally, I don't like coffee. I don't care how much cream, milk, sugar, or syrups you put in it. I'm not a fan of hot bean water.


So how do I wake up in the morning? Music.


You could be working on 2 hours of sleep and falling asleep at the wheel, but when AC/CD's "Highway to Hell" comes on? You are UP.



There are songs like that out there that just hit you like a shot of adrenaline (and don't stain your teeth like coffee does).


Here are some songs that get my butt up in the morning:


Linkin Park. Anything from 'Hybrid Theory' or 'Meteora' is absolute "wake up" music.



If Queen doesn't get you up, then I don't know what will.



You've really got to find songs that cater to YOU. Songs that might wake up others, might not wake up you. For example: I can't wake up to Metallica songs. I like Metallica, don't get me wrong, but the songs don't wake me up. I think it's because I just don't have an emotional or personal connection to them. I mean, I hear "Turn the Page" and I'm like "Oh, hey, it's 'Turn the Page', cool." That's not really a "gonna wake me up" reaction. But someone else might hear "Turn the Page" and be like "OH. MY. GOD. It's "Turn the Page"!!!!!! THIS SH*T IS MY JAM!!! I remember when this album first came out and blah, blah, blah...." That person has a personal connection to that song and it's definitely going to wake them up. So like I said, find the songs that cater to YOU. That you have a personal connection to. Or maybe even guilty pleasures.


My guilty pleasures are 80's hair bands.



Other bands that wake me up: Green Day, Halestorm, The Darkness, and a song that I am ashamed to say wakes me up, this song. Because whether your reaction is "HAHA, oh my god, yes!" or "What...the f***..." You're up.


So go! Find your musical coffee!!! And WAKE UP!!!!!

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