File this one under, "Kat Fell into a TikTok Rabbithole." The things that I have learned on TikTok. I mean seriously! Did you know you can grow a Frankenstein shaped pumpkin? How about that time we learned how to record a video while playing music on an iPhone or when we discovered that we have been sitting on the toilet all wrong!

The plethora of new knowledge is limitless on TikTok and I am here for it! As someone with a neurodivergent brain who a) loves to disassociate from the world by doom-scrolling on the internet and b) loves to learn new skills, hobbies, and random useless knowledge (hello dopamine!) TikTok has proven to be a valuable resource.

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Now, while I do have an account, I don't post content myself (I'm shy 👉👈) I do love to scroll and see what I see and that's exactly how I discovered that the lyrics to "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music somehow pairs perfectly with Rob Zombie's "Dragula."

If you don't recall the song from the Sound of Music, give this a quick listen first before you scroll any further...

Now that you know what it sounds like when Julie Andrews sings "My Favorite Things," and while I'm sure you know this one well, here is your quick reminder about how "Dragula" sounds,


Still with me? Good! Now, I think we can all agree that there is nothing between these two songs that sounds remotely similar so you are probably wondering at this point how on earth a song from a 1965 musical film singing of raindrops and kitten whiskers could possibly pair with a Rob Zombie song about the car from the classic television series, The Munsters. Well to be totally honest with you, I have no idea how it works, but it does and TikTok user MissCherryDelight is going to demonstrate.

See? I told you. It just works. MissCherryDelight is a recording artist known for her shock rock and according to her official Youtube channel,

If Alice Cooper and Wendy O Williams made a baby in the produce aisle, it would be Miss Cherry Delight. A sexually charged shock rocker, theatrical cannibal and demented sweetheart. Her live shows create a world where the visual aesthetics of Valentines Day and Halloween merge together as one blood soaked holiday orgy that never ends. She is a home for the freaks and weirdos to party.

She has even been featured in Fangoria, a cult film and horror magazine that has been around since the late 1970s.  So yeah, you can 100% file this under things that you never needed to know but now you do. Thanks, TikTok!

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