Our local police officers are always looking for ways to connect with the neighborhoods that they serve. For one Evansville Police Officer, taking just a few minutes to chat with a youngster on his beat, reminded him why he became an officer. This little boy is inspiring everyone around him.

This year the Evansville Police Department has really stepped up its efforts to get to know the citizens they serve. Of course, we want them to keep us safe, but they should also be approachable, especially for little kids. That is one reason you shouldn't tell your kids they will go to jail if they don't go to bed on time. You want your little ones to respect officers and know that they can go to them for help, or just to chat.

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Assistant EPD Chief Phil Smith with Mirabelle

Keep scrolling for more cool photos of the 'Walking Wednesday' crew and some of the neighborhoods they have visited.

One of the new initiatives is called Walking Wednesdays. Special Projects Coordinator Taylor Merriss tells us that it is kind of a nod to the past when officers walked their beat. It's a great way for law enforcement to be seen in neighborhoods and to meet the residents.

Officer Taylor Merriss is someone little girls can look up to.

Evansville police officers on second shift are usually too busy taking calls, and they can't really chat with folks in their neighborhoods. But Officer Korey Michael found ten minutes during his shift recently to find out why a six-year-old boy was selling art.

Tonight I met this young guy. I’ve seen him outside for a week or two with his art on display. I’ve been meaning to stop by but work has been busy. Tonight, I made the time to stop by and ask about his art. I asked him what motivates him to make these paintings and he stated, “It just makes me really happy”.
I asked him what he was going to buy with the money he had earned and He said, “25% goes back to the community, 25% goes to supplies, %25 goes into investing and the other 25% goes to me”. He’s only 6 years old and amazed me. I asked how he was going to give back to the community and he said he was saving up to rent inflatables for the park for everyone to use. He melted my heart. I made a trip to the bank and bought 4 pieces. I took 3 home and told him to donate the 4th to the community.
Our community isn’t as bad as what you see on TV. Just because you see all of the bad stuff being reported, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of good happening around. With our busy schedules and everything else going on in our life, you can overlook something like this that could make your day. It only took 10 minutes of my day to stop and talk with him and remind me why I became a police officer. I absolutely love my job and find happiness, meeting members of our community.
A lot of you have asked where he is set up at. He is usually at E Gum and Vann Ave Monday-Friday in the evenings.

The little artist is ALSO a Chef with his own Youtube Channel! Take a look at some of the Walking Wednesday stories, then you have to see his adorable video of vegan tacos.

Liberty DeWig

Evansville Police Officers Walk the Beat, Getting to Know Their Neighbors

This year the Evansville Police Department has really stepped up its efforts to get to know the citizens they serve. Walking Wednesdays is a great way for law enforcement to be seen in neighborhoods and to meet the residents and hear their stories.

I should probably get a hold of The Food Network ASAP!

Cops Connecting with Kids 2021 Disney Trip

The mission of Cops Connecting with Kids Inc. is to build positive relationships between members of the law enforcement profession and the youth in their local communities, through open and honest channels of communication, mentorship, and connectivity.

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