The cold, winter weather is heading toward the Tri-State. That being said, you should probably look in your vehicle to make sure the objects in there are safe.


When the weather is below freezing (32 Degrees), some items that could be found in your vehicle could be potentially hazardous or not work anymore after being left out in the cold for that long.

According to USA Today, here are six items that you don't want in your car when it is freezing outside:

1.  Cell Phones/Electronic Devices- If it gets too cold it can cause the device to shut off or, worse, mess up the battery. Not only that, but it could cause the screen to crack...which reminds me, I need to get my iPod and GPS out of my truck!



2.  Canned/Bottled Beverages- If you don't want mess in your vehicle, take them out!  When it freezes, the container expands and can explode. This results in all of that getting all over your car!



3.  Canned Foods- Make sure you check to make sure you got everything out of your car after going to the grocery. These have the same effect as beverages...the water can freeze and expand, which could break the can's seal and cause the food to spoil.



4.  Musical Instruments-  The wood can crack if it's too cold.  And even if that doesn't happen, they'll definitely drift out of tune...and nobody wants to listen to an out of tune instrument...let alone pay for the repairs!



5.  Medications- Certain drugs can lose their effectiveness if they get too cold.



6.  A Low Gas Tank- This is important! Keeping your tank more than half full helps prevent fuel lines from freezing.  It's also a good idea to check other fluids such as antifreeze.  And the cold can affect tire pressure, so keep an eye on that too.

Now that you are aware, we suggest that you take a minute to search your vehicle just to be safe!


(Source: USA Today)



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