Preparations are underway for the implosion of the 420 Main building in downtown Evansville, Indiana, and part of that prep involves stacks of large, steel shipping containers.

As crews prepare for the demolition of the 420 Main building by implosion, we are starting to see some unusual things pop up in downtown Evansville. One of those being the installation of stacks of steel shipping containers. The large structures are being put around the perimeter of the building set to implode on Sunday, November 21st, 2021.

We talked earlier about the 9 block radius, known as the 'exclusion zone,' that will be blocked off to ensure that the implosion takes place as safely as possible. There have now been an update made to the streets that will be closed and that will now include a portion of Main Street and 5th Street. According to Downtown Evansville,

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Updated Street Closures:
Plan for Main Street (from Fourth to Fifth) and Fifth Street (from Locust to Sycamore) to be closed until Monday, November 29th.
Sidewalks remain open for pedestrians.
Downtown Evansville is encouraging everyone to continue to patronize the businesses located on those parts of Main Street and 5th Street including "Sixth and Zero (425 Main St), Lic's Deli & Ice Cream (11 NW 5th St), Milanos Italian Cuisine (500 Main St), Your Brother's Bookstore (504 Main St), Gangnam Korean BBQ (518 Main St), and Kevin’s Backstage Bar and Grill (524 Main St.)."
As a reminder, the implosion of the 420 Main building will take place on November 21, 2021 at approximately 7am. You are encouraged to steer clear of the downtown area if at all possible to allow crews and first responders the ability to do their jobs.

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