I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Shinedown Drummer, Barry Kerch while they were in Evansville for the 103 GBF Damn Loud Rock Show. I always stress about the right band tee to wear to a concert - especially if I am going to be meeting the band or doing an interview. There's a taboo about wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see so I didn't want to wear by Shinedown tee. This left me torn. Do I wear Pantera? Pink Floyd? Zep? I decided on my NIN Pretty Hate Machine tee. It's a classic band and a stellar album. When I walked into my interview with Barry, I immediately knew I had made the right wardrobe choice when he said, "That album changed my life." He then went on to share with me how Pretty Hate Machine changed everything for him. He also shared a very disturbing fan interaction that definitely should be filed under "The People of Walmart."

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