She's Ozzy's better half. And if we're going to proclaim Betty White as 'America's Grandma', I'm going to call Sharon Osbourne  'America's Mom'. Sure she's British, but don't we all wish our mothers would curse at us in a British accent? It adds a bit of class.

And just like all classy ladies out there, Sharon loves to play a good practical joke. Druing a recent appearance on Conan, Sharon's America's Got Talent co-host Howie Mandel told about a joke the two of them played on Piers Morgan.

During a private flight, Morgan decided to take a nap. Howie and Sharon decided to play a practical joke, in which Sharon placed her fun bags on top of Morgan's head while he slept. Howie filmed the entire thing. British cursing and hilarious practical jokes? She's 'bringing me Hot Pockets during a Call of Duty binge' away from being co-mom's with my own mother.

See Howie retell the story below, complete with a re-enactment. WARNING - sort of NSFW, due to potato chest-icals.

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