People are arguing over whether or not Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara are being 'too sensitive' after comedian Usama Siddiquee made a joke during his set about calling Heidi a 'tramp.'

USA Today reports that Klum appeared visibly upset following this joke from Siddiquee in which he was talking about clubs:

Club music is so fun that the DJ can say anything he wants in the beat. Heidi, if I called you a tramp, you would be like, 'How dare you,' right? But (mixed into a club beat), you would be like, 'I do get loose on occasion.'

Viewers were all over the place when it came to the performance. Some felt that both Klum and Sofia Vargara were being too sensitive, while others did not appreciate the tramp comment.

The response to the video of the performance posted on AGT's Twitter show that more people were upset about his jokes about September 11th than the were about his joke aimed toward Klum.

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