I have really fond memories of playing HORSE in the driveway with my dad. I remember the progression of him never getting any letters, to the occasional HO or HOR, to finally being able to beat. What a cool time! But our games pail in comparison to this.

It's basically a glorified trick-shot video set to the theme of a game of HORSE. But who cares? These guys are making some amazing, mind-blowing shots - using mainly a basketball and a frisbee, but the also throw in a football, baseball bat, sling shot, and even a shotgun. This is seriously some of the most impressive stuff I've ever seen. I can't imagine how long it took to get all of these shots, and I don't really care. Fact is they made them, at least once, which is more than most of us could ever do.

Before you watch the video, tell me who you think is gonna win - the basketball or the frisbee?

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