In a effort to make more money off jersey sales keep the look of the game fresh, the NFL Color Rush jersey's will return for the 2016-17 season. The Twitter account, NFL Leaks, claims to have discovered the colors each team will sport when it's their turn to do so. Including the color the Colts will wear for their Thanksgiving Night home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you recall, the Color Rush jersey's feature only one of the team's colors on both the pants and the jersey as pictured above in the November 12th game between the Jets and Bills that looked like a Christmas parade threw up on the field.

NFL Leaks tweeted out the following photo Friday afternoon:

NOTE: "AFAIK" is internet slang for, "As Far As I Know" (I had to look it up).

While the part of the photo featuring the Colts color is cut off, it appears they'll go all white for the game against the Steelers, which isn't too far off from their normal away jerseys.

It should be noted, this isn't the first time NFL Leaks has tweeted a photo of the alleged Color Rush colors. They sent this tweet back in April:

As you can see in this photo, the Colts allegedly would go all blue when their time to sport the Color Rush jerseys came around.

If either of these tweets are to be believed, I would lean more toward the most recent as it pairs the teams by the game their sport the Color Rush opposed to just listing them individually like the photo from April.

Personally, while I'm not a huge fan of the Color Rush jerseys (they're a borderline eye sore), I would rather see the Colts sport all blue over all white. If you're going to do it, do it big. Plus, the term "Color Rush" to me signifies big, bold colors, and technically white is the absence of color, therefore putting the Colts in all white is the antithesis of what you're trying to accomplish.


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