Evansville IceMen forward, Kevin Harvey plays the classic villain during an in-game fight against Cody Lampl of the Toledo Walleye.

The Walleye knew what they were doing when they announced a few weeks ago that Friday night's game against the IceMen would feature the visitors wearing special jersey's designed to look like Batman nemesis, The Riddler, while their guys would don jersey's designed to look like the caped crusader himself.

Hockey being hockey, they knew the chance of two players duking it out at some point during the game was highly likely, therefore setting the stage for a recreation of a face-off between two of the most recognized enemies in comic book history.

Harvey didn't disappoint when he and Lampl dropped gloves midway through the final period.

Who won exactly is tough to say as the fight was over the moment the two hit the ice. Some would argue Lampl (Batman) was the victor as he took Harvey down to end it, although Harvey got a few nice shots in before the fight was broken up. But as comic fans know, The Riddler will find away to confront the Caped Crusader once again somewhere down the road.