Last week, Bobby G posted a hilarious (or creepy) video of goats screaming like humans. Now someone has taken those videos and remixed them with popular songs. 

I visited a farm owned by the parent's of a college friend. Having grown up in the middle of downtown Evansville, my only experience with barnyard animals was at Mesker Park Zoo's petting zoo. So imagine my panic when I thought I heard someone yelling in the distance, only to find out from my friend that those were the goats. Very, very creepy.

However if you take those "goat sounds" and remix them with Taylor Swift, Psy, Bieber, and other popular artists of today, you get something halarious. You can check out the YouTube profile of GoatsDub for more videos, but I'm going to post my favorite one here for you to enjoy.

It may sound like a drunk sorority girl doing karaoke, but it makes me laugh (the Taylor Swift one sounds way too close like the actual song). Which song do you think they should dub with goat sounds?

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