We continue to hear about staffing shortages all around the country, and it appears to be affecting every kind of industry. When it comes to schools, the most recent shortages we hear about are with substitute teachers and bus drivers, but there are other parts of the school that are suffering too. West Terrace Elementary School, on Evansville's west side, is not immune to the shortages. They found a rather unique, albeit temporary fix for needing some extra help.

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The West Terrace PTA Facebook page recently shared a picture of a couple of happy ladies working hard in the school's cafeteria - at least that's what it looks like to someone who isn't familiar with the school's staff. What you may not realize is that you're actually looking at the school's principal, Dr. Stephanie Stewart, washing dishes with a big ol' smile on her face. I'm sure Dr. Stewart isn't crazy about the fact they are understaffed, but she clearly understands that the work still has to get done, and who better to do it than the school's top dog. Dr. Stewart is doing what a true pro does - leading by example.

A bunch of West Terrace parents showed up in the comments, supporting Dr. Stewart. Here's what some of them had to say...

"I love this fantastic human so much!"

"Love this, amazing!!!!! She is so friendly, welcoming …. All of the things!!!! I’m so glad she is our Principal!"

"How awesome that she is right there helping when needed, even if she is principal!"

"Such a great leader with a beautiful heart!"

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