Scales Lake is a hidden gem in Boonville that offers a beach, playgrounds, boating, camping spots, picnic shelters, petting zoo and even a pavilion.

And they usually also offer summer camp to local kids who want to spend their summers having a blast in nature. But due to COVID-19, summer camp has officially been cancelled at Scales Lake in 2020.

In a Facebook post, they outlined their plan.


Petting zoo and bike trails continue to be open. No gate fee required until May 26.

Camping will open Tuesday, May 26. We will start taking reservations again today.

Gatehouse hours starting May 26 will be 7:00am to 7:00pm Sunday-Thursday. 7:00am to 8:00pm Friday/Saturday

Cabins reopen May 26.

Pavilions and Old Shelter House at Scales are open on May 26 (100 people or less). June 14 (250 or less). We can make reservations starting today for these pavilions.

Summer day camp will not open this year.

Playgrounds open May 26.

The beach/water slide will not open memorial day weekend as usual. We plan on opening but the date is not confirmed. Please watch our Facebook page for more opening information. See more about the beach opening here. 



Yahoo Maps
Yahoo Maps

2020 Rates and INFO

Daily Gate Fee:

Individuals (walkers, kids on bikes): $ .50
Mountain Bike Riders & Horseback Riders: $3.00
Vehicles: $3.00 Daily
Boat Launch Fee: $2.00
Bus (per person): $ .50

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